November 14, 2010

Boardwalk Empire

For all those Mad Men fans craving serious television, Boardwalk Empire will help you get closer to next summer when the next season starts. This new show from the creators of Entourage is rich with atmosphere, elegance and down-and-dirty subversiveness. It follows the corrupt undertakings of Atlantic City's home grown crime boss, Nucky Johnson. Where Mad Men stops short due to FCC regulations, Boardwalk is loaded with sex and violence, but kept well within the confines of what's acceptable to the quintessential gentlman reading this right now.

From the fine men's fashion of Madison Avenue in the 60s, we're transported back a few decades to the days of Litholin and New Era collars; to high lapeled suits and boutonnieres. The detail is tremendous. Take a trip to the Boardwalk Empire where the booze is illegal, but always available, the women are beautiful, and the men aren't to be trusted.

Sunday Nights - 9pm - HBO

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