November 5, 2010

La Palina Cigars

Bill Paley, son of CBS founder, William S. Paley, grandson of Congress Cigar Co. founder, Samuel Paley has reissued his grandfather's epic cigar, La Palina.

I smoked the Alison last night. Named after the maker's wife, the cigar has either an Ecuadoran or Costa Rican wrapper, a Costa Rican binder and a filler blend from Honduras and Nicaragua.

For a decent sized cigar, the smoke was mild and I'm not tasting it this morning. The wrapper was a bit sweet, flavored with honey possibly and the overall smoke was really nice. I had some issues with the draw and keeping the cigar lit, but that could have easily been the result of poor storage as it was a gift and wasn't properly humidified on arrival.

The incredible heritage and the solid smoking experience of La Palina make this a quintessential cigar.

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