January 19, 2013

Anthony Bourdain

Never one for anything close to a cooking show, I recently discovered Anthony Bourdain. I was initially introduced to his hilarious and bawdy entry on the Travel Channel, #Layover. This one hour series is a how-to experience in drinking and eating through the greatest cities of the world. He holds nothing back and covers everything and anything that a culinary / boozing adventurer might want to explore in places like London, Paris, New York, and even Atlanta.

From there I made my way to the book store and picked up a used copy of Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain's autobiography about his adventures in the food trade. Equally as entertaining and enjoyable it reads like A Moveable Feast for today. I'm a disciple and can't wait to see what Bourdain delivers next. In the meantime I'm off to explore some of his recommendations for libations in the City of Angels.

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