March 22, 2014

Robert Capa in Color

Few artists have seen as much or captured as many incredible images as Robert Capa. Over the course of his career, he covered five different wars, including World War II, where he delivered images from London, Africa, Italy, Omaha Beach in Normandy and was in Paris for its liberation from the Germans. To collectors, like myself, he is renowned for creating the amazing photography collective known as Magnum, which he started with other notable artists, including Cartier-Bresson.

Until Amazon recently directed me to a book of his color work, I was only familiar with those iconic black and white images showing his time on the world's battlefields - an approach that ultimately took his life by stepping on a land mine while covering the First Indochina War.

But, these color images show a softer side of the artist. He obviously showed great appreciation for the beauty of life and nature. Oh to be at a Paris bistro with he and Papa, to hear about his many adventures and his talent for capturing the images that made history. Thank you, Mr. Capa.

Ernest Hemingway and his son, Gregory, Sun Valley, 1941

Skiier, Zermatt, 1950

Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre on the set of Beat the Devil, Ravello, 1953

Truman Capote and Jennifer Jones on the set of Beat The Devil, Ravello, 1953

Actress Geraldine Brooks trying on a dress at the fashion house of Emilio Schuberth, Rome, 1951

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