October 31, 2010

The Plymouth Martini, Duke's Hotel, London

Between St. James and Green Park in Mayfair is a very unassuming but very perfect boutique hotel known as Duke's. Besides it's reputation as the home of James Bond's first Vesper Martini, it also has some considerable renown for the Plymouth Martini, a simple concoction that packs quite a civilized punch when made properly.

The key ingredient is a bottle of Plymouth Gin that's as cold as humanly possible. It's strong angular bottle looks great in a tall ice bucket or firmly planted on a freezer door.

Pour a generous amount into an equally cold deep martini glass and cut a slight peel from a fresh lemon. Take the the peel once around the rim and then toss it. It's all about the taste.

At Duke's the bartender prowls the room with a special made bar cart holding the ingredients and made special to order from table to table.

Duke's Hotel Website

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