November 28, 2010

The Way You Wear Your Hat...

It takes a lot of guts to wear a hat. I'm not talking about a baseball hat or a ski hat. I'm talking about the kind of hat that Frank wore; the kind that Bogart wore. The kind of hat that makes a statement without making you look foolish.

If Harrison Ford didn't make us envious back in the Eighties, Don Draper certainly has. On a recent trip to the West Indies, I was given a subtle fedora courtesy of HBY, a hat maker based in Miami. It sits just right and blends the old and the new just enough to give a natural feel to this new found accessory - at least for me that is.

So for those of us that don't have Draper's demeanor, or Frank's impenetrable style, I recommend this fine fedora. From there, you're on your own.

HBY Miami

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