December 1, 2010

"High Society"

"High Society" is the 1956 musical adaptation of Philip Barry's "The Philadelphia Story." It features Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly. The score, by Cole Porter, includes such classics as True Love, Well did you Evah, and Now You Has Jazz. Notably it was the last picture that Prince Ranier of Monaco allowed his new bride, Grace Kelly, to be cast in following their marriage.

A swinging cameo by Louis Armstrong features the musical prologue, "High Society Calypso." That, along with the other amazing Porter songs, the technicolor backdrop of Newport society and architecture, the perfect posturing of Frank Sinatra as the love struck gossip columnist, and the velvet voice of Bing Crosby as the misunderstood C.K. Dexter Haven, makes this the quintessential Hollywood musical for all to enjoy.

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