August 10, 2011

Cary Grant with Alfred Hitchcock

The collaboration of Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock may be one of cinematic history, but in both North By Northwest and To Catch a Thief, Mr. Grant did more to impact gentlemanly style than anyone else in recent screen history.

Whether it was the indestructible Quintino of Beverly Hills blue suit in North by Northwest or the wardrobe credited to Mr. Grant himself that he donned throughout To Catch a Thief, this collaboration brought a unique element of style to these celluloid favorites.

While it was Mr. Grant's elegance and timeless style that forever cemented these great screen characters, credit must be given to Hitch, as well, for the complete look of his pictures that would now have seemed so empty without this unique fashion sense and attention to wardrobe detail, not the least of which were Roger Thornhill's classic Ray Bans.

North By Northwest


To Catch a Thief

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